By passionately believing in something, we create it. The non-existent is that which has not been sufficiently desired.
— F. Kafka

Global digital marketer. Graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, with a business degree from the The Wharton School. Aficionado of tech, the evolving social and digital landscape, branding, and TED talks. Avidly exploring the global tech community, and the space that lies between digital and real-world behavior.

Partnering with businesses across the world to craft compelling and meaningful messaging for a global audience, and launch streamlined marketing initiatives. 5+ years of experience in building brands and compelling global messaging for B2B SaaS companies, tech startups, small businesses, and personal brands.

Background in establishing thought leadership, engaging communities, and influencing brand growth through creative campaign execution across digital channels such as email, social, and automation.  Formerly 100mentors, Curalate, IBM, and more (full CV here). Marketing, social and branding consulting services available on a freelance basis.

Outside of marketing, you will find me seeking good vibes and the stories of the world (#AthensxLucy). Always looking to meet with new minds and explore new perspectives.