Warby on authenticity & transparency

Warby Parker, killing it per usual, with great perception and intuition of their millennial customer base. Authenticity, transparency, understanding, rinse, repeat.

Co-founder/co-CEO Dave Gilboa noted that it is simple for companies to be opaque about business and employment practices and partnerships, and it’s impossible to hide these facts in today’s world where information flows so freely.

Being authentic and transparent with consumers is important because people are going to find out how you are operating, he explained.

"Our customers are buying our glasses because they think our glasses are a great product at a great price point, and we make that convenient,' Gilboa said. "I think they feel good about supporting a company that has a bigger social mission, but for the vast majority of our customers, that is not the primary purpose in buying our product."

-- "Warby Parker plays down social mission in marketing materials" via PR Week