"... It's understanding there are nuances to your life. And then designing the version of yourself that you want to be showing up at each of them. This is one of the great things that makes us humans; we have the capacity to design things, we have the capacity to create who it is that we want. I want to create a nuanced individual because I am nuanced.... we all take parts of ourselves, and in certain situations, we start to magnify a part of our personality. ... you already are doing it, now let's just be way more intentional about the person that we're creating so that we can truly get the results that we are looking for. "

"Mental toughness is your ability to flexible and adaptable, despite what the circumstances around you and situations are giving you. If you're firmed and fixed... on how the game is going to play out ... and then it doesn't start happening that way, because there's an ebbs and a flow to matches and games... then most people will start to respond emotionally in that moment. And that's mental weakness... you're not able to be flexible and adaptable despite what's happening in the game, so that you can continue to perform at your peak." 

— Todd Herman, on Amplifying Your Strengths