"You met me at a very strange time in my life, and I wasn't always... I used to be a very open kid. And since Gabriel died, I just stopped talking to people. I didn't see the point of it anymore. They didn't understand and, um... sex, for me became a way of feeling things without having to talk to anybody. And when I met you, I guess I had just gotten used to it... using reckless behavior as a way of feeling like I was still alive." 

The Affair,  S2E6

The Affair, S2E6


"...becoming aware of this general imposture that concerns all of us would ease our love relationships. It is because I want to be loved from head to toe, justified in my every choice, that the seduction hysteria exists. And therefore I want to seem perfect so that another can love me. I want them to be perfect so that I can be reassured of my value."

-- Yann Dall'Aglio, "Love -- you're doing it wrong" (TEDxParis , Oct 2012)