two types of women

Kate: Why did I do that?

Joan: You had some fun.

Kate: I just wanted to try it.

Joan: Now you'll go home and you'll find everything right where it belongs.

Kate: I'm really not you, am I?

Joan: Ha. Why would you wanna be?

Kate: Are you kidding? Look what you did. You came out here, you staked this out on your own. I always had Dennis to fall back on, even when I went to marry Gabe. You didn't.

Joan: And I never will. How'd that happen?

Kate: The whole reason I even talked to Avon is because I wanted...I don't know...what you have.

Joan: It's not what you think.

Kate: You're an executive. 

Joan: It's a title.

Kate: And money.

Joan: I've been working there for 15 years and they still treat me like a secretary. 

Kate: What's it have to do with them? You're their Joan. And from where I'm sitting, it's damn impressive. I don't care how they make you feel. It's right in front of you for the taking.