"You met me at a very strange time in my life, and I wasn't always... I used to be a very open kid. And since Gabriel died, I just stopped talking to people. I didn't see the point of it anymore. They didn't understand and, um... sex, for me became a way of feeling things without having to talk to anybody. And when I met you, I guess I had just gotten used to it... using reckless behavior as a way of feeling like I was still alive." 

The Affair,  S2E6

The Affair, S2E6

"Just because they're happy together, doesn't mean they're not sleeping with others."

“You mean as in Dan Savage’s idea that marriages should be non-monogamous? I can’t really see it working for heterosexual couples. — Not yet, but we couldn’t see premarital sex once either. We are a generation that believes in self-fulfillment, but also in commitment, and in their negotiations between these two ideas they will come up with new negotiations around monogamy...It doesn’t mean it will fit everybody. But I do believe it’s the next frontier.”

— "Why We Cheat" via Slate Magazine