"Entrepreneurship Always Leads to Inequality" (via HBR)

"Entrepreneurial success is intrinsically lopsided, a natural outcome of creating extraordinary value for customers. Entrepreneurship, if it succeeds, will always be, by definition, about the top 1-2%. It is about being the best of the best, about jumping over hurdle after hurdle on the way to the gold medal in the Olympics of enterprise, leaving competitors in the dust...

So is inequality, when it is directly created by entrepreneurs, good or bad?

For sure, without a system that ensures merit-based mobility, inequality can become a canker that infects and spreads. When the top 1% keep getting richer and the bottom 20% or so lose hope, inequality can become hardwired into a social structure and can keep people stuck, creating a vicious cycle of loss of ambition, loss of success, and loss of worth, both psychological and tangible.

But inequality can also be a great motivator, can fuel ambition, can bolster achievement, and can foster innovation. When my neighbor or friend or fellow citizen embarks on the entrepreneurial venture and is one of the fortunate few who succeed, this also may inspire, ignite my dreams, and shine a light on a new path to accomplishment and upward mobility that was previously obscured."

-- Daniel Isenberg, "Entrepreneurship Always Leads to Inequality" via HBR