On still having "lol millennials" headlines (#sideeye)

In response to "Millennials' Political Views Don't Make Any Sense" (via The Atlantic)

Interesting points, though I agree with the comments...not sure if/how this varies from "most of the rest of America's political ideals" and that "lol millennials" may make for a better headline. Article would a better read and have more credibility if they juxtaposed these millennial findings/preferences with those of other generations. 

A higher level perspective reveals that this seems to be representative of most news/content channels still attempting to use millennials for the butts of their jokes and/or make their posts have more virality potential (a la the Cocktail Party Effect: if you say 'millennials,' our heads will turn). 

I guess it makes sense, given that we are the youngest generation to be out of college; and the older generations to shower their buckets of "wisdom" on someone. All this being said, it has been an interesting (albeit sometimes condescending and bully-ish) ride. It will be interesting to start seeing more and more Gen Z analyses and articles come out of the woodwork (prediction: they are more tech saavy but will be far more conservative than us).