On still having "lol millennials" headlines (#sideeye)

In response to "Millennials' Political Views Don't Make Any Sense" (via The Atlantic)

Interesting points, though I agree with the comments...not sure if/how this varies from "most of the rest of America's political ideals" and that "lol millennials" may make for a better headline. Article would a better read and have more credibility if they juxtaposed these millennial findings/preferences with those of other generations. 

A higher level perspective reveals that this seems to be representative of most news/content channels still attempting to use millennials for the butts of their jokes and/or make their posts have more virality potential (a la the Cocktail Party Effect: if you say 'millennials,' our heads will turn). 

I guess it makes sense, given that we are the youngest generation to be out of college; and the older generations to shower their buckets of "wisdom" on someone. All this being said, it has been an interesting (albeit sometimes condescending and bully-ish) ride. It will be interesting to start seeing more and more Gen Z analyses and articles come out of the woodwork (prediction: they are more tech saavy but will be far more conservative than us).

On the bad rap surrounding us millennials

"My prediction? Hold fast, millennials. This current wave of punditry will peak and then start declining six years from now. In 2020, about half of you will have turned 30. You’ll no longer be young—and therefore no longer scary—and today’s rhetoric about your entitlement and narcissism will evaporate. You’ll be in charge. I can’t imagine what you’re going to say about the kids being born today."

Congrats, Millennials. Now It’s Your Turn to Be Vilified via Wired