Venture Capital just a game of 'Hot or Not'...

"Venture capitalists, who are overwhelmingly male, would rather fund a handsome guy than any woman, regardless of the female entrepreneur’s attractiveness quotient. In case it makes you feel any better, ugly men fared about as well as women. FYI, that does not make me feel any better.

The study shows:

'The entrepreneur’s business proposition and previous experience are regarded as the main criteria for investment decisions. Our research, however, documents other critical criteria that investors use to make these decisions: the gender and physical attractiveness of the entrepreneurs themselves.'

To put an even finer point on it, it seems that the pursuit of venture capital funding has become a game of Hot or Not, or perhaps its more modern equivalent, Tinder, and females need not apply."

-- "Hot or not? Why good-looking men get all the funding" via Reuters PE Hub

On the Google love affair / scandal

from: me
to: Rose
date: Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 11:18 AM
subject: Google co-founder's affair w/ Google Glass mktg mgr

a tech love story (kind of...)

"O.K., Glass: Make Google Eyes: The story behind Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s liaison with Google Glass marketing manager Amanda Rosenberg—and his split from his wife, genetic-testing entrepreneur Anne Wojcicki ... the drama leaves Silicon Valley debating emotional issues, from office romance to fear of mortality."

from: Rose
to: me
date: Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 11:18 AM
subject: Re: Google co-founder's affair w/ Google Glass mktg mgr

Thanks for this! I enjoyed reading it. Article could have taken it so much further though...

My thoughts:

  1. This is why I am so afraid to get married U CANT TRUST ANYONE
  2. Ummm why no discussion about this Rosenberg chick ... super sneaky ... dating two Google execs at once. Calculated career move?
  3. Bothers me that the wife is spoken about and framed just in terms of being a Google founder's wife, not as the incredibly successful business person that she is on her own!