"Decision-making, number one ... needs to be done in writing, there's too much in your head.  Secondly, decision-making is just value clarification — when you know what's most important, you can make the decision. So what makes it hard?

Usually you have multiple outcomes you're trying to get, and it's sometimes hard to get all of them and you don't know your priorities. Your mind one moment wants one thing, and another moment, another. So, I created this 6-step process: OOCEMR.

O: What are your outcomes? In order to make a decision, you need to know what you want. Precisely what you want. Usually, you want multiple things when it's a hard decision. So you gotta put them in order of importance. 

O: What are your options? Write your options down. 

C: Consequences. Draw a graph. What is the upside and downside of each option? 

E: Evaluating. Evaluate the probability of those upsides and downsides, -10 to +10 (most pain to most positive). 

M: Mitigate. How can I mitigate the downsides? 

R: Resolve. Resolve what you're gonna do. 

– Tony Robbins, on Decision-Making