On the age of sexting & why we push 'send' (via NYMag)

"Sexting must have arrived simultaneously with texting—it’s a safe bet that any new media not invented by lust makes room for it immediately.

But sexual diversions don’t need to be measured by how closely they approximate coitus; innuendo can be enjoyable on its own…That sexting session wasn’t an inferior version of sex; it was a superior version of Candy Crush.

'Making a girl wet from afar fills me with a sense of godlike power,” a male friend boasted. 'Especially if she’s somewhere where she can’t have sex, if she’s at work…And I’m ­creating this hypersexual mind-set.'

The disassociation may be even more extreme when the sexting is totally out of the blue—or into it. According to [a] McAfee study, one in ten sexters have sent “intimate content” to “complete strangers.”….Some were vetting potential dates when the talk turned dirty; others simply felt like sexting.

'How important is the belief that we will one day hook up again?' I asked…'Like if I told you I would never fuck you, would it ruin it?' — 'Hmm that’s interesting. It would take some fun out of it, yes, because you want to believe the stuff you’re typing will happen. But it’s still fun in and of itself, so probably not a deal-breaker.'”

— via “Sexting’s Strange Paradox: It’s Just No Fun from today’s NYMag