On #millennials and the brands we hate (via iMedia Connection)

"By now, one thing should be perfectly clear: Millennials are not monolithic…Individuals of specific generations are undeniably individuals — separate from others and unique in wants and needs. In fact, according to The Boston Consulting Group, U.S. Millennials comprise six diverse segments. The Anti-Millennial, for example, is locally minded, conservative, and does not spend more on green products. Moreover, Millennials comprise the first population of “digital natives,” a cohort connected by its interaction with digital technology from an early age. The constant exposure to various beliefs and habits on the internet has produced a generation of extremely diverse individuals. Consequently, a one-size-fits-all marketing approach to this generation falls short…

At the same time, Millennials share a number of characteristics, which creates an excellent opportunity for advertisers. Let’s be honest — marketing is made easier (and more effective?) when groups of people can be compartmentalized according to birth years. As detailed in [research], Millennial consumers more or less value social networking, demand transparency and authenticity, are active (not passive) consumers, exercise a high level of influence over others, and require much more from branded experiences. 

These brands represent a small segment of companies that have pissed off Millennials. Obviously, not all of Generation Y hates these brands, and Millennial discontent does not necessarily sink sales. But imagine how much more dominant these brands could be by better accounting for those characteristics that Millennials do share. Of course, doing so would lead to success across all generations, but connecting with the largest group of consumers in U.S. history is a sure way to establish long-term success.”


— Brands that Millennials love to hate via iMedia Connection