My 8th Grade Graduation Speech (2005)

My mom was looking through my old school docs and passed this along…talk about nostalgia.  Grammatical errors aside, I owe a big thanks to bright-eyed 14-year-old Lucy for this inspirational pick-me-up:

Executive Board Closing by Lucy Xu, President
June 2005

Well, we’ve definitely done it.  As we sit here today, our middle school careers are coming to a close right before our very eyes.  The next chapter of our lives lies ahead of us, and looking back on our past three years, I feel confident in saying that we definitely are prepared in facing whatever obstacles we may encounter during our pursuit through high school.

Middle school was no doubt a tough journey.  In 6th grade, it was a step into new territory, a run forward when we had just mastered walking.  7th grade was the year of discovery — it was all more familiar, but with new opportunities opening up to us, we gained experiences that we would otherwise would have never been aware of.  Our 8th grade year began with the subtle realization that we were now the upperclassmen, the leaders, of [this school] and concluded with the development of new goals and ambitions for our first year of high school.

All throughout middle school, we took chances and experienced changes; chances personally of setting higher goals and standards in life; chances academically with grades and extracurriculars, and chances socially of branching out and creating new friendships or stronger bonds; we’ve all experienced first serious fights with close friends, experienced new atmospheres, and we’ve all experienced true achievement.

But, one thing is certain: we would not be where we are today without help and support along the way.  The vast amount of new knowledge that we hold today is credit that we owe to all of our teachers — who taught us curriculum inside the classroom, and life lessons out of it.  Thank you to Mrs. G and Mrs. C for facilitating the Student Council, giving us, students, a chance to make a difference in the school and community and leave our imprint on the world.  We would also like to express our gratitude towards ll of the East parents.  From picking up a student after a sports practice or early morning drop-offs to volunteering and chaperoning major school functions, occasions, and events — the parents have always been there, always behind us 1000%.  Thank you to all who have made our middle school career and experience what it is today and what it will be as we look back upon these memories.  Thank you, in helping us pursue our dreams and goals, and making it possible to progress forward with poise and solidity.

All the paths we took, all the decisions we made — they all helped us to realize who we were and who we wanted to be.  We learned not to follow in footsteps, but to create our own.  Middle school was a chance for us to shine once more; it was a time to discover how to stand up for our own beliefs.  We didn’t let our fears of belonging prevent us from showing our true selves.  Finding yourself amidst in a sea of so many conformities, friendships, and relationships — it was a tough lesson to learn and even harder skill to gain, but sure enough we have set our own trends and goals…not to let anyone discourage us.  Middle school gave us a chance to learn to love ourselves, walk with confidence, and live without holding back.

With the next four years to define who we are once more, we will never forget what we have learned within [these school walls]; we will never forget the chances we took, the small to major transformations we’ve all undergone, and the opportunities that gave us a chance to realize aspirations; the memories we have created together in this school can never be erased, and now we sit here awaiting what the future holds.  So as this chapter ends, we are more than ready to begin the next.  

"There is nothing like a memory to mark the past, and there is nothing like a dream to create the future."

Now introducing our Principal…Mr. W.