"British Invasion" -- my baby sister's first HS newspaper article!

For those of you who may not know, BBC One is the chief television channel of the British Broadcasting Corporation, more commonly known as BBC. BBC One is the most popular channel of the corporation, and although BBC One only airs in the United Kingdom, the channel garners attention from worldwide viewers in its many global channels such as BBC America. Two very popular shows on BBC One and BBC America are “Sherlock” and “Doctor Who”.

Set in the 21st century, Sherlock is a modern take on the original Sherlock Holmes series authored by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The crime/mystery drama does a fantastic job of staying true to the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories while appealing to modern generations with up-to-date references. “Sherlock” is becoming increasingly popular among fans in both Britain and many other countries around the world. “I am extremely impressed with Sherlock because I think they did such an amazing job of being true to the books and modernizing the show correctly,” Dr. H. said. BBC has just finished airing all three episodes of the third season of “Sherlock” on BBC One and BBC America. Although the premiere date for season four of “Sherlock” is not yet determined, the directors and producers of the show have guaranteed viewers that there will definitely be a fourth and fifth season of “Sherlock” coming out in the near future.

“Doctor Who” is another popular show currently airing on BBC One and BBC America. This British science fiction television series has been around for 60 years. Doctor Who is about an alien referred to as the “Doctor”, who travels through space and time and has ridiculous adventures with companions that he picks up along the way. “The best summary of Doctor Who is, ‘a mad man with a box’,” junior Nick C. said. Since the Doctor is a time lord, he can “regenerate”, or undergo a transformation into a new physical form and a different personality when he becomes old or wounded. Essentially, this allows the directors of Doctor Who to occasionally change the actor that plays the Doctor. These different actors bring new and unique personalities to the role of the Doctor, which further captivates its audience’s interests. Currently, the seventh season of Doctor Who has ended, and the eleventh doctor, played by Matt Smith, has just regenerated into the twelfth doctor, who is going to be played by Peter Capaldi. Season eight of “Doctor Who” is currently being filmed.

Even though “Sherlock” and “Doctor Who” are both British television shows, you may ask, why are they so popular among American audiences? Well, the main difference is that British shows tend to have more depth, complexity, and in regards to the situations presented than do American shows.“British television is always more clever than American television because the plot lines are all very complex and thought out really far in advance,” junior Harold A. said. Additionally, the episodes are usually longer, and there tend to be fewer episodes in each season that each take up a much longer time slot, usually two hours. The extended time allows the writers of the series to focus more on the development of a complete and intricate plot for each episode as each episode is as lengthy as a short American movie. Steven Moffat is the director of the majority of television shows broadcasted on BBC, including “Sherlock” and “Doctor Who”. His writing and style are very unique and original. “The reason I love all the British TV shows is because the dialogue is brilliant, and Scott Moffat writes really good, long story arcs,” junior Nick C. said.

Increasing popularity of British television shows are now giving American shows a run for their money. Growing fandoms of shows such as Doctor Who and Sherlock are quickly beginning to match the size of fandoms of popular American shows such as “Supernatural” and “Breaking Bad”.