"'Everything happens for a reason.' Think about that for a moment. All your efforts – personal, professional, carnal ... utter and absolutely slaves to some cosmically predetermined set of outcomes. As if we have no say in, let alone culpability for the defining moments in our lives. If you want a life of purpose, begin by inverting the notion that everything happens for a reason.

Redefine it. Not as some future explanation for terrible tragedy or glorious achievement, but as validation for the deliberate choices that lead us to these critical junctures in the first place. Assert authority over chance, fate, and destiny, because everything does happen for a reason. And that reason is you. To attain elite success, you must be willing to make the hard choices, do the unpleasant things, risk your most valuable assets. And do away with the shackles designed by society to limit us – love, marriage, children, and, above all, the uninvited imposition of lesser people's moral agendas. Because nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without sacrifice. And true greatness only comes to those willing to pursue at any cost."

– What If, S1E1