GIRLS crushed it this episode

Sunday's episode of GIRLS  is another example of Lena Dunham's ability to perfectly and holistically capturing all of millennial experience, emotion, and behavior in one scene. Something about the reality that is learning to love when you are young, regardless of who in the relationship in this scene (be it Ray or Shoshanna) you identify more with...

"I've also been wanting to tell your something for awhile. And I keep trying to tell you in all these different things, and it just keeps coming out wrong instead. Like, in stupid ways.  I'm the reason that our relationship ended. I wasn't ready and I was unkind and very rude, and generally acted in a way that I don't want to be remembered after I die. You were a good boyfriend and I did love you. I was in love with you. And people always talk about how love is the strongest emotion, but you know, I was scared, and sometimes that's even stronger for some people. People like me. — No, you're not easy. You're actually kind of awful sometimes. And really hard to take. And maybe even kind of mentally ill. — But anyway, I hope that someday I can show you how much I did love you. I mean, like, without getting back together because that ship has sailed. No, I mean, that ship has sailed. Like that ship left the harbor. — I just, you know, I like knowing that I did love you, because it makes me think that I might be capable of something else great someday."