full circle

L: I am beginning to understand how you felt when you moved to Africa, though definitely to a lesser extent. You are so brave.

K: It was 100% the hardest thing I have ever done. the leaving. not the going. The going was actually easy because it was exciting. I remember breaking down on the plane leaving Boston because I didn’t want to go. I guess it came down to which I wanted more. I know I made the right decision, but it still hurts every time I think about it or see pictures. I freaking loved that city and the people in it.

L: Oh man. As always, beautifully put. Two thoughts here. One — There are so many beautiful stories that I've heard from strong inspirational people about getting on a plane to go somewhere but feeling so overwhelmed with emotion from the life transition. And breaking down as a reset as they go forth in search of whatever they were looking for.  It's such a powerful emotional scene to picture, and I can only imagine what sort of experience it would be to go through.

K: It's so true. 

L: Two — I think, when you have those sorts of ties to homes you once had, it's just a sign that you are going to return. Because there's unfinished business.

K: That's a huge insight. I agree with you, but I’m also scared to think of that. it opens up too much nostalgia. 

L: Yes, definitely painful with the nostalgia, but also kind of exciting with the thoughts of the future. Kind of like when we first went off to college and then went home for the holidays, with a new world view... only this time, going home won't be going home to an environment or community you didn't really have a choice in joining. This time going home means returning to a place you actively chose and molded to be your home. You can choose your family (the ones that aren't blood related) and you can select the factors you want in your environment, influencing you.

November 5th, 2015