Blurred lines & mental strokes

Serena: What do you want from him?

Blair: I guess validation. Unhealthy, I know. I am just bored. And unstimulated.

Serena: Okay, great self diagnosis. Now here is the thing, and I am really holding a mirror to my own face on this, what is he an excuse for? Bored and unstimulated, but why?

Blair: That is a brilliant question...Idk. No one as hot, intelligent, unattainable. I found a replacement version of him. Although, I don't understand why he is this archetype now.

Serena: Because you are playing a great game of moving through people but not really working through the intimacy issues.

Blair: Fine. But what intimacy issues? Do I have them? Where do I even start? Okay, I clearly have them. But I haven't really had to come to a head with them, I'd say.

Serena: Well, in some ways I want to say that we are just being young and we should be working your way through guys...

Blair: But I don't believe that.I like sex. I like collecting data points. And experience. That's why I'm working my way through them.

Serena: ...but, because they are so disposable, you have stopped seeing them as people.

Blair: Yes, they really are. Sadly.

Serena: Um, exactly. 

Blair: Some apps out there are just like GrubHub for sex. Not helpful.

Serena: Yes, makes ordering easy.

Blair: I guess you were right when you said i was 'intimate' with this guy. But I probably felt like I could be because it would never amount to anything. 

Serena: But it's a false intimacy.

Blair: I bucket my relationships far too much. Intimate with people I'm not sleeping with. Not intimate with people I am. It has worked so far.

Serena: But it is not really going to be fulfilling. Don't you want to have a special person? Someone who sees you and loves you.

Blair: Yes, but I clearly do not have enough emotional bandwidth for said person. Not right now. Maybe in a couple of years.

Blair: In the meantime, can't i just text him ?

Serena: I say you can text him, but I would really be upfront with some of the behaviours that you are engaging with him. Would you be willing to sleep with him if the occasion arose? Or are you relishing in the deliciousness of the tension?

Blair: I should say no. I want to say no. I think the answer would be yes...I do love the tension.

Serena: Revel in the tension. Identify it. Know it for what it is. That's when you have the power. Don't give him too much until he does something. See where your boundaries lie. Text him. See if it opens any doors.

Blair: Doors to where? So many blurred lines, Mr. Thicke.

Serena: Exactly. That is what flirting and tension is all about. One day you will get drunk with each other and do the nasty.

Serena: Just joking. But really, it's nice to have someone to mentally stroke for a bit. it gives your mind something to focus on that is not work related and ellicitly exciting.