"10 Enduring Truths About Womanhood from 'Sex and the City'"

This entire article (via HuffPost Women) is golden, esp. the following:

2. You are not a threat to feminist solidarity if you don’t share the beliefs of every other woman you meet, or even your closest friends. Miranda didn’t believe Charlotte should quit her job after getting married. Charlotte insisted she could “choose her choice.” They fought about it for a minute then went back to normal.

3. Your friends are often the real “the loves of your life.” While every character spent some time submerged in total self-absorption, they were always there for each other when shit got real.

5. You will never be perfectly satisfied. One desire will inevitably give way to another once it is fulfilled. The hustle is half the fun, anyway.

8. When you have to let go of someone you loved deeply, it will take time for your feelings towards them to reconfigure. And that’s OK.

9. Sex with someone you love can be great. Sex with someone you don’t love can also be great. Sex can be no big deal or a really big deal. As long as you’re deciding.